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Purrfect Cabins Luxury Feline Resort is on a serene 6-acre farm in Langley, BC, surrounded by lush trees and green grass for ultimate tranquility. Our resort offers themed private cabins, each featuring a fully welded enclosed catio, allowing your cat to enjoy nature safely. We offer scientifically proven relaxing music, calming diffusers, and 24/7 live private webcams. Safety and security are our top priorities; our premises have surveillance cameras, advanced security systems, and gated. At Purrfect Cabins, we are dedicated to providing the ultimate getaway for your cat, ensuring their experience is both safe and stress-free.


Experience the ultimate care for your cat!

What is included during your cats stay
Brushed every day (Owner provides brush)
Professional Photos if the cat is not fearful
Teeth Brushed every day (Owner provides toothbrush)
Air Conditioned & Heated
Climate Control
Calming Music
One on One Human Interaction
Interactive toys


Purrfect Cabins Credentials:
Certified in Professional Pet Boarding Infectious Disease Management
Purrfect Cabins is Certified in Positive Reinforcement Training
Educated in Animal Behavior
All team members are Pet First Aid Certified
Insured and Licensed


Add-ons Available (Additional Cost):
Medication Administration $5/per administration
24/7 Private Live Webcam $5/night
Calming Diffuser $1/night
Private Catio $10/night


Starting at $40/night

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